Our Story

While cooking a delicious spaghetti dish on a ceramic stove top, I took the top off the pot that had my thinly sliced garlic, peppers, and mushrooms waiting to be mixed with my yummy noodles and spilled water all over the stove. Frantically looking for a place to sit down the wet lid and stop this messiness, I eventually flipped the lid over and placed it on its handle, slightly burning my wrist while doing so. I said to myself, after all the years of pots and pans being invented no one has come up with a solution for where to place your tops when cooking. At this point, I knew I was not the only one experiencing this problem and decided to invent a solution for everyone. That is how the Top Prop was founded.


Where we are in the process!

After design, and the redesign of several prototypes, we've tweaked every last detail to arrive with the most perfect finalized prototype in which, you see today. We want to use this product so badly that we must restrain ourselves almost every day. We have confirmed our manufacturer, based in Iowa, and are proud to building our product in the USA.

We need to place a substantial minimum order for the first production run of the Top Prop. That's why we're offering the Top Prop to this awesome community before anyone else.

What our timeline looks like!

The Top Prop has been an idea we've been dying to bring to fruition since it was first conceived in 2012. The product you're seeing in this project is the result of innumerable hours of iterating and reiterating. We're perfectionists, and we wanted to make sure we got this one right. Below you'll see a brief outline of the journey we're on with the Top Prop. Attaining and/or surpassing our project goal will allow us the resources to build our injection molds and deliver the Top Prop to you. We are insanely excited and really look forward to putting this awesome product in your hands. You can rest assure that we're going to continue to work day and night until the very last Top Prop is shipped and delivered.

Our Statement

The Top Prop has been designed for professional and everyday cooks. Our stylish design and color options are so appealing it will seamlessly blend into your kitchen d├ęcor atop your counter or easily be disassembled for storing in the cabinet. The convenience goes beyond just a place to rest your 4 inch to large wok pot lids when cooking; it holds up to 3 lids at a time and can be used when serving dinner from serving dishes on a daily basis or during a grand holiday feast. It has also been built to hold an array of different lid types and provides a perfect place to rest your utensils. Cleanup becomes a cinch as you can easily wipe it clean or or washed in the dishwasher. We intend for this product to become a staple for millions worldwide and make just one more thing a little easier in your life.